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Our Core Values


Worship is more than a song we sing or a service we attend - it’s a life-style we live.


We boldly share our passion for God and those He loves so much. We worship God with all of our hearts and intentionally share His love, grace and truth with others.


We believe in fresh starts, in do-overs, in new mercies, and in the deep healing power of walking with God within a loving community of His people.


We lead by serving one another. No task is too small or too great. We bring a positive attitude to each opportunity to serve. This is the example Christ set for us all.


We are unified by our common faith in Jesus Christ, drawn together with similar desires and hopes for the future, but we are also a house that is culturally diverse. We are people of all ages, stages and ethnic backgrounds joined together as one. Loving God, Loving People, Serving the World.


We like to have fun. We believe that everything goes better with a smile. The Bible tells us that laughter does the heart good like a medicine.